Holcomb & Co. Photography and Videography



At its core, photography closes the void between a moment passing by... and the way you remember it. That's our sweet spot, the thing we do best: from the look in his eyes during your first dance, to the way the flower girl smiles as she walks down the aisle, to the beauty of the name cards on the tables before guests arrive. Let's face it: there's nothing better than getting a front row seat to the best day of someone's life. We'd love to help preserve your memories, exactly like they play back in your head when you close your eyes and dream.

Film has the power to transport you back into a moment in time. It has the power to fill out the edges of your memories and make them come to life.

A wedding film - in its ideal form - captures the unique love story of two people, with music and cuts that time-capsule your wedding day for what it truly is: the best day of your life. Ben loves finding the story in your wedding. He loves piecing together distinct details - from the voice of a minister, to the heartfelt letter between bride and groom - to make a film unlike any other.

Pretty shots are nice, but they can only carry a wedding film so far. Ben wants to capture the way it felt on your wedding day, and more than anything, he wants someone watching your wedding film to fall in love… with love.


Your love should be captured.