The average person is exposed to 5,000 advertisements a day. In a world where content is everywhere, storytelling becomes currency. The human brain is hardwired to conceptualize the world through story - brands that recognize the importance of authentically communicating theirs are destined to thrive.


More than anything, your passion is what drives consumer loyalty. Consumer loyalty can only be born out of genuine connection. Genuine connection cannot be forged without effective storytelling. And effective storytelling must get to the heart of your why.

At Holcomb & Co., our why is helping you articulate yours.


Film has the power to transport you back into a moment in time. It has the power to fill out the edges of your memories and make them come to life.

From the voice of a minister, to the heartfelt letter between bride and groom, Ben loves finding the story in your wedding, and piecing together distinct details to make a film unlike any other.


Selling your property is a big deal. And looking for your next home is a big deal too. These major life decisions effect the most important parts of our lives - our family, our friends, and our community.

So why does it feel like all real estate videos are cut from the same boring, lifeless cloth?

We approach real estate videography like we approach everything else — story first. Showing rooms and layouts is important, but uncovering the heart of a property - the personality, the pulse - elevates a real estate video into something greater: a portal that allows viewers to truly picture themselves in a place.


Our time in Los Angeles taught us the art of filming in chaotic, blink-and-you-miss-it, production environments. In fact, we pride ourselves in our ability to sift through noise to identify and capture story. This skill set is particularly helpful at events - both big and small - where timelines move fast and coverage is vital. From capturing the overall mood of a night, to getting clean audio and footage of an important speech, and everything in between… if it’s a moment you don’t want to forget, we’ve got your back.


While camera equipment is the tool through which we tell stories, our passion has always stemmed from the blank page. We’re not just a team that shows up with lights and conducts a few interviews. Our aim is to be collaborative partners with you, helping to define your goals and develop a strategic content plan that will bring tangible results for your business. We offer the following services with all video production packages:

  • Content Development

  • Story Ideation

  • Scripting

  • Go-to-Market Strategy