date night with chownow & cooking with cocktail rings


A few weeks ago my sweet friend Kylie of Cooking With Cocktail Rings reached out to see if I was available to shoot her and Aaron on a date night. I literally wrote back, "So... this is literally my dream. Follow you around and take pictures of your fabulous life (and get paid?!)"

ChowNow products help restaurants get online quickly and easily so they can maintain direct relationships with their customers. Their platform is pretty amazing. They provide the backend for restaurants to get an online ordering system set up quickly. They are then the face of that ordering system for the customer, with a sleek and user-friendly app. 

Kylie lives in Santa Monica, CA with her fiancé Aaron, within walking distance to some amazing restaurants. Art's Table, Sweet Lady Jane, Cassia... we hit up all three of these restaurants and then Kylie and Aaron had an adorable picnic at Palisades Park off of Ocean Avenue. No, not like the song, but close. Feast (pun intended) your eyes on the goodness below.