franklin falls

I’ve been dreaming of showing Huck the PNW at wintertime since we first brought him home in May. On Christmas Eve Eve we set off for a winter wonderland adventure with my dad, Ben, Daron, Huckleberry, Woody, and Sadie. And yes, we were all in the same car!


Dar recommended we do the Franklin Falls trail, which is more of a walk than a hike, but with 6+ inches of snow on the ground it made it a little slower (and a lot more slippery) than it would have taken in the summer. it was GORGEOUS.


We followed denny creek up to the falls for a good portion of the trail, and it was so fun to see these adorable cabins scattered along the bank. My favorite would have to be this little red A-frame. I mean, c’mon!


Half of the adventure was walking from where we parked our car to the trailhead! The dogs were LOVING it, frolicking through snow piles and running down freshly powdered hills.


The actual falls were epic, cascading over the hillside, under the overpass of i-90. the spray off the water was FREEZING but we went as close as we could. some crazy people were ice climbing just around the corner in the picture above… when we saw them my dad turned to ben and said, “if you ever want to take that up as a hobby we need to have a chat.” such a good dad.

we stopped to take some pictures and then turned around and hiked back to our car. ben and i completely bit it on ice on the return. i’m still so sore. first ben slipped then i went after him to help him up and slipped on the EXACT same spot. we both landed right on our back. my hand went down my camera instinctively #photographerproblems. my wrist is sore but the camera was unharmed :)


I hope you all have the merriest christmas eve and that today and tomorrow is filled with loved ones and memories in the making. these are special times.

xo, mal