Leo Carrillo Beach Family Photos


I’m asking for prayers and your support for this sweet family. One day after these photos were taken, Mark was admitted to the hospital, and ultimately diagnosed with cancer. I’ll link their GoFundMe HERE, and at the bottom of this blog.


They squeezed in a photoshoot to capture their time here, after all the hours of packing, just one day before they had planned to move across the country.


When we took these photos, Kristin said it felt like the light at the end of a tunnel. The past year and a half had been a hard one, but there was goodness around the corner. A new job in a new state. A fresh start.


Their daughter recently said, “We have three houses and can’t live in any of them.” And it just absolutely broke my heart. With their house in Texas they are renting out, their California house which is now empty, and all their belongings in their new NC house. They will be in California indefinitely while Mark receives treatment.


I know that the biggest gift this family could receive is not only your prayers, but your financial support. You can access their GoFundMe HERE.

Thank you.


molly + jonathan [maravilla gardens / camarillo wedding]

molly + jonathan [maravilla gardens / camarillo wedding]

Molly and Jonathan met at Pepperdine, where Ben and I met as well. Pepperdine love stories hold a special place in my heart since they are so close to home. Listening to Molly's dad and their best friends all give toasts just absolutely gave me chills. Hearing about the way Molly described (and still describes) Jonathan. Hearing about how they went from acquaintances to friends to dating to deeply in love. Hearing about their love and admiration for these two as a couple. It was all so beautiful…